• The Politics of Katrina
  • Judy Grahn
  • Consider this: in the United States, unlike any other advanced country, many people fail to receive basic health care because they can’t afford it. Lack of health insurance kills many more Americans each year than Katrina and 9/11 combined.—Paul Krugman, NY Times, September 19, 2005           One of the most striking and compelling facts about the elaborate rituals of menstruation, especially menarche, and related male puberty rites, is the prevalence of the feast. After a number of days, weeks, months or even years, the maiden or youth emerges from her/his seclusion,... Read more >>

  • A Pagan Response to Katrina
  • Starhawk
  •  As Pagans, as worshippers of nature, how do we respond to an event like Hurricane Katrina, one of the most destructive natural disasters in the history of the United States? What does it mean to ‘worship’ something that, with one breath, can wipe out a major city? Do we see this as punishment, retribution for some Pagan sin? As an object lesson in the reality of climate change and global warming? As an overheated Goddess batting away some of the oil rigs contributing to her fever?           Of course,... Read more >>